Karavanir.com presents original web novels that update weekly, mainly centered around the speculative fiction genre. Click on the active  links above to find out more!


Noli Me Tank in a Mall – the work that sparked the Philippine Revolution gets light novel treatment! Can Crisostomo Ibarra manage to do better this time with the help of the entirety of [Googol] shoved into his brain, or will he only make things worse by his unfortunate tendency to sound like a supervillain?

Click here to find out more.  For the table of contents, please go here.

MerStory –  A young man thrown into a fantasy world. A mermaid with a powerful curiosity A strange romance. An ontological mystery! Follow their oddly adorable adventures in this biweekly illustrated web serial. An oceanic survival fantasy story – MerStory!

This web serial is hosted offsite. Click here to find out more.  For the table of contents, please go here.


Suhmirao – aka the way of space cat people. A complete short novella about their culture and the biggest space battle ever fought in history.

Classic Space opera. Read it here.


Blackhollow Down – a weekly illustrated web serial that is updated in chapter-sized pieces usually, but not always, alternating between the P.O.V of its two central characters.


The Open Road – The One Ring has been cast into the flames of Mount Doom. The Death Star has been destroyed. But does the story stop there? The Open Road starts off after the big bad is defeated, after the end of a typical fantasy trilogy.