First Impressions of 31 Web Serials

All was quiet in theย  dusty, empty town of web serials.ย  The hinges creaked on the doors of long deserted houses and any residents left were sprawled on the ground, either drunk or dead.

Then Revfitz, fellow web serialist and professional punman,walked into town and issued the challenge.ย  (Read this to learn more about the challenge)

31 Web Serials. 31 Days. A month of Death.

Revfitz went on a promised rampage, tearing down poor site design, bad story hooks and clunky opening lines one day at a time. He lists his seven favourite kills here.

Noli Me and the Open Road were amongst of the victims – you can find out how Revfitz tore through them here and here. (In truth, he was a little too gentle. But they were both good reviews of the openings. Gives pretty interesting feedback without dragging your entrails to the ground)

With this bloody endevour behind him, Revfitz pockets his smoking keyboard and takes his place by the bar. A sequel is promised.ย  Someday, there may be an article on his site. We’ll let you know when that happens. For now, he tells you to read his web serial, Existential Terror and Breakfast.

Get lost, now.

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