Noli F.A.Q

1. Is this even legal?

A: Of course it is. Copyright for Rizal’s works expired way back in December 30, 1946. It is now public domain. The method is very much like Mark Twain’s Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court – we now have an old established property that is owned by collective humanity, and then play around with it.

Or perhaps a similar transformative effort: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It started a fun little  mashup of a book, became a movie.

2. Light Novels? Aren’t they anime?

A: Not at all, though they are usually turned into one. This project is technically an illustrated novel, but I have chosen the ‘light novel’ bracket because the light novel has certain aesthetics and conventions different from more serious novels.

I do plan on having this novel contain illustrations instead of just old photographs, but better to focus first on completing the work before embellishing anything.

The art style does not necessarily need to look anime. Light novels are not called such for their illustrations, as might the illuminated manuscripts of old, but for their lighter, easier language.

3. Why are you asking for money before the novel is even complete?

A: Proofreading, commentary, fact-checking and suggestions on what measures Ibarra could take would also be very welcome.

But if asked, ‘Do you actually need the money?’, pride is useless, yes. Every little bit helps greatly. There are many surprising costs to writing this that needs to be defrayed, and so much information that needs to be sifted through. I would even very happily accept donations in the form of pertinent books.

Please support my efforts at

4. Hey, I saw this story somewhere else. What’s different between this version and that one?

A: The pre-reader versions outside of Patreon or this site have not yet been proofread. The fixed versions you see here also usually have up to fifty percent more content.

5. Isn’t this a bit insulting to Rizal’s memory?

A:  A lot of people have already tried to remake the Noli and the Fili. This much less serious take on the concept is well past due. I can only hope I don’t end up lynched by my old history teachers.

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