Karavanir.com presents original web novels that update weekly, mainly centered around the speculative fiction genre. Click on the activeย  links above to find out more!

Karavanir.com is home to Carlo Marco a.k.a Bluepencil a.k.a CharlesBhepin. Three names. You need don’t need to be a psychologist to guess what issues he’s got.ย  He writes stuff and draws sometimes. You can find his other work @ here and here.

It is also home to thelonewanderer, an aspiring writer and that’s the key here. Aspiring but stuck on the launchpad forever.

We also occasionally inflict the world with our musings on writing, or anything related to writing. You have been warned!

Questions? Suggestions? Criticisms? Or just want to talk? Please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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